Videos Are Up!

Videos Are Up!

The videos from the NY TRI EXPO ’16 are going up every week on A Triathlete’s Diary blog.  The first one went up and included Dr. Craig Allen Smith’s presentation on the MainStage. You can find that interview here.

Our Queens Chamber of Commerce Keynote address by Matt Dixon will be up this week.  Please consider subscribing to the blog or checking back periodically to see the videos.  Matt Dixon is an elite coach, former pro triathlete and author of The Well-Built Triathlete.  His presentation received high accolades by those in attendance.

Special thanks to Endurance Films Training Institute (EFTI) for sponsoring the NY TRI EXPO and filming and editing all of these informative sessions.  If you’re a triathlete, swimmer, cyclist or runner, check out EFTI because they have a massive library of the best endurance sports training videos on the market today. These videos are specifically designed for athletes and coaches to use anytime, anywhere on any device. Recently, EFTI relaunched their new platform on a friendlier, mobile optimized and feature rich interface, boasting blazing fast video streaming and greater user functionality.  Check them out here for a free trial

Endurance Films Review by Hilary Topper

Endurance Films Review by Hilary Topper

Endurance FilmsI never heard of Endurance Films before I embarked on my latest venture to organize the NY TRI EXPO ’16. But once I knew what they did, I was extremely impressed!

They have dozens and dozens of videos ranging from stretches and yoga to cycling around the country to running drills with Bobby McGee!

If you subscribe to their service, you can even get to hear what famous coaches and pro-triathletes have to say about everything from running, cycling and swimming.  They have all the greats on the site including Bobby McGee, Sage Roundtree, Joe Friel, Mark Allen, Jeff Galloway and more!  It’s a pretty impressive list of experts!

I love the cycling videos.  They are similar to a sufferfest except the video quality is exceptional.  You can take a ride through the rockies, southern California, New York’s Bear Mountain and even in Texas!

There’s even a new series on the mental game of triathlon. I watched a couple of the videos and were very impressed. Andy Potts even takes you through a race to offer you tips and strategies for race effectiveness.

This is one of the coolest triathlon/endurance sports sites out there and definitely worth a look.

Endurance FilmsDanny Kolker and Eric Feller are the brains behind Endurance Films. The two are childhood friends who grew up in San Diego, CA. When I asked Eric how he got involved in filming endurance films, he said,

“I was working in film production in LA in late 90’s. I was approached with an interesting idea to produce a documentary on the formation of the inaugural Olympic Triathlon Team at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.  The success of the film opened our eyes to the budding triathlon market and need for quality video training resources.”

And so, the two friends started a business called Endurance Films and have produced dozens and dozens of high quality videos and training videos for the triathlon market. They will both be at the upcoming NY TRI EXPO ’16 where they will be interviewing key sponsors and some of the highlights of the event.  Register today to meet these guys and check out some of the cool stuff they are doing. Here’s the link: use code: ATD_NYTE16 for discounted tickets.

Sprint Sponsors – Endurance Films

Sprint Sponsors – Endurance Films

Sprint Sponsor – Endurance Films

EFTI_LOGO_2015If you’ve never heard of Endurance Films, you will soon.  They are a full service video production company focusing on the production and worldwide distribution of endurance sports training multimedia and entertainment.

The Endurance Film team created a video of the 2000 US Olympic Triathlon Team and since then, Endurance Films fast became recognized as the leading producer of sports instructional and training videos specifically catering to the multi-sport market.

The group utilizes the expertise of coaches, sports medicine professionals and professional athletes for their films.

The Endurance Films Training Institute (EFTI) is the on-demand streaming platform for the entire library of Endurance Films’ content. Created to satisfy their customers’ increasingly technological and mobile lifestyles, EFTI puts the industry’s most comprehensive and ever-expanding video library at your fingertips, eliminating the need for costly a la cart purchases. It’s a fusion of value and efficiency geared to put endurance athletes on the track to reach peak performance and achieve life long goals.

Interestingly, one of our steering committee members, Richard Gertler is featured in one of the videos!

Endurance Films will be at the NY TRI EXPO ’16 on Saturday, March 19 from 10 – 6 pm and will be interviewing sponsors and speakers and live-streaming the entire event on their channel. You will also be able to watch certain portions of the event on A Triathlete’s Diary Blog.

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