NY TRI EXPO 2018 And Ways To Get More Exposure…

NY TRI EXPO 2018 And Ways To Get More Exposure…

The NY Tri Expo will be back and better than ever in 2018! We are currently seeking a major naming sponsor for a four market tour. Stay tuned, but in the meantime…

Our blog, A Triathlete’s Diary, has gained so much momentum over the past year.

We are now at 50,000 unique visitors a month and growing and with our 1.5 million friends on social, we can help you get your message out to the right people!

Here are a few of the ways we can get you in front of the right people:

  • Featured Blog Post – we will feature your content on our BLOG (It will be promoted via: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. where 1.5 million people are following us. Plus, we will provide a link back to your blog!)
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  • Include a blog ad on our blog with a link back to your site.
  • Have you appear on our weekly podcast, Hilary Topper on Air, which has more than 130,000 listeners.

Let us know if we’ve piqued your interest and we will get you all the details! My phone number is 347-696-0220 or you can email me at hilary@hjmt.com (or just reply to this email)!

Thanks for your time!
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During Our Downtime, Visit our Blogs

During Our Downtime, Visit our Blogs

During our downtime, please consider visiting and subscribing to our blogs.  We have four blogs which are:

TriathletesDiaryLogoV2-01A Triathlete’s Diary Blog – This blog has all of the videos from the NY TRI EXPO including Matt Dixon’s entire presentation, which will be posted on Tuesday. We’ve also had videos from US Masters Swimming, TriSports and more. You can see older blog posts by clicking the link that says older.  On this blog, we also include product reviews, including the recent review of Natural Force, Sharkbanz and more!  Further, we include race experiences and tips and strategies by coaches and other experts. Go to http://www.ATriathletesDiary.com/subscribe so that you don’t miss a blog!

NYLifestyleLogo_FinalNY Lifestyle Blog – This blog is about everything New York and the surrounding areas. I review concerts, music festivals, broadway shows, hotels, traveling outside of NY, running a small business, book reviews and more. It’s an eclectic blog and has something interesting and different on every post! Go to http://www.NYLifestyleBlog.com/subscribe to get an RSS feed when a new post comes out.

HJMTLogo2015HJMT Blog – HJMT Public Relations Inc. is our sister company and we have a blog that focuses on tips and strategies and how to market one’s business. We include posts on social media trends and publicity/marketing tips. You can check it out by going to our website – http://www.hjmt.com/blog.

TNN_Logo_EditTech News Now and Wearable On Air – This is our technology blog. What triathlete doesn’t love tech??? Here we include new products and new technologies on the market and focus on both wearable tech and the Internet of Things and connectivity in the home. You can subscribe here: http://www.technewsnow.nyc/subscribe.

hilarytopperHilary Topper On Air – This is our weekly podcast and we focus on small businesses and business that cater to the triathlon community. But, we don’t always limit to that. We like to include interesting people who are doing amazing things in this podcast. You can check it out and see back episodes here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hilarytopper

We hope you will continue to follow us during the downtimes as we gear up for the 2017 NY TRI EXPO!

Have a great summer!

Videos Are Up!

Videos Are Up!

The videos from the NY TRI EXPO ’16 are going up every week on A Triathlete’s Diary blog.  The first one went up and included Dr. Craig Allen Smith’s presentation on the MainStage. You can find that interview here.

Our Queens Chamber of Commerce Keynote address by Matt Dixon will be up this week.  Please consider subscribing to the blog or checking back periodically to see the videos.  Matt Dixon is an elite coach, former pro triathlete and author of The Well-Built Triathlete.  His presentation received high accolades by those in attendance.

Special thanks to Endurance Films Training Institute (EFTI) for sponsoring the NY TRI EXPO and filming and editing all of these informative sessions.  If you’re a triathlete, swimmer, cyclist or runner, check out EFTI because they have a massive library of the best endurance sports training videos on the market today. These videos are specifically designed for athletes and coaches to use anytime, anywhere on any device. Recently, EFTI relaunched their new platform on a friendlier, mobile optimized and feature rich interface, boasting blazing fast video streaming and greater user functionality.  Check them out here for a free trial

Join The Scavenger Hunt At The NY TRI EXPO ’16

Join The Scavenger Hunt At The NY TRI EXPO ’16

Join the Scavenger Hunt at the NY TRI EXPO ’16

Want to win some cool Timex Ironman watches?  Join us at the NY TRI EXPO ’16 on Saturday, March 19 from 10 – 6 pm at Citi Field and be sure to stop by every booth!

12496334_10153290421006916_1499710382917428530_oThere will be four tattoos, one at a randomly selected booth. Collect all four, put it on your arm, and you will get a raffle ticket with a chance to win two Timex Ironman Watches!

This is limited to the first 250 people who get all four, so your chances are great to receive the prize!

Here’s the prize:


Using Amtrak To Get To Your Next Triathlon

Using Amtrak To Get To Your Next Triathlon

Are you mapping out your triathlon schedule for the 2016 season? Consider using Amtrak to get to your next race. With the introduction of their bicycle racks, it’ll be easier than ever to bring everything you need to podium! Craig Schulz, of Amtrak, talks with Hilary on the new bicycle racks, scheduling options and more. Tune in today!



Here is a list of the confirmed workshops to date taking place at the NY TRI EXPO ’16 on Saturday, March 19 from 10 am – 6 pm at Citi Field:

  • Injury Prevention – Do you feel like you keep getting hurt? Don’t let getting injured stop you in 2016.  Come hear the experts and learn how to prevent injuries from occurring.
  • Tips to a Faster Swim Leg – If you feel that swimming holds you back, you won’t want to miss this exciting workshop where you will actually learn to take time off your swim!
  • First Time or Beginner Triathlete?  This session will explain what you need and how to go about doing your first triathlon. It will also focus on what you should know as a beginner and how to reach your goals.
  • Strength Training for Triathletes – Believe it or not, strength training will make or break your season.  Join our expert all the way from Arizona to teach you what you need to focus on to get you stronger and faster in 2016!
  • Crushing it on the Bike – The bike lag is important.  In this session, you will learn how to make it up those difficult hills with ease, how to push through those long miles and still save yourself for the run!
  • How to Sight, Draft and Rock out in Open Water – Here experts will address everything from sighting, drafting and how to swim your best in open water.
  • Wearable Tech for Athletes – Want to see the latest gear that will measure your biometrics so that you can improve your performance?  You won’t want to miss this session with experts coming from Silicon Valley, Toronto and beyond!
  • The Mental Game – Do you find it difficult to fight through it? Then you should attend this session where you will learn to quiet those internal voices and help keep you focused through training and racing season.
  • Do You Really Need a Coach? – Why spend hundreds of dollars on a coach when you can do it alone? But is that really the best thing you can do for yourself?  During this session you will learn what a coach can do for you and how you can advance as an athlete.
  • Becoming a More Efficient Swimmer by Breathing Easier – Join the president of the US Masters Swim as he talks about breathing easier so that you will swim faster and further.
  • How to Run Faster off the Bike – Do you find that your legs feel like rubber after riding 10, 26, 52 or 110 miles? If so, you won’t want to miss this session.  The experts have proven techniques to offer you that will get you moving off your bike at your next race!
  • How to Get a Proper Bike Fitting – If you don’t have a great fitting, you won’t be able to endure the long road ahead.  Instead, learn what questions to ask, learn how an actual fitting should work and how you can be the best you can be!
  • Gear to Make You Faster – Ironman and coach, Pam Kallio of TriSports will show you how you can take time off your swim, bike and run with various gear. Watch her as she shows you the latest gear to make you faster!
  • Nutrition and Wellness – the Fourth Discipline – Do you feel like you’re just not reaching your potential?  It could be your diet!  Here you will learn what to eat and what not to eat to make you as efficient as possible!
  • Yoga for Triathletes – Listen as prodigy of Sage Roundtree, Gina Herrara, shows you how to incorporate various yoga moves to make you stronger and go further.
  • Tips on Doing Your First Half or Full Ironman – Listen as the experts talk about what it takes to do your first half or full Ironman and what the training involves.
  • How to Have a Podium Finish – Are you getting frustrated not getting to the podium or getting there every once in a while?  If so, you won’t want to miss this session where your mind, body and nutrition will be addressed.
  • How to determine your Race Schedule for 2016 – The east coast has the most exciting races so why travel anywhere else? Listen in and find out what races are coming up and also how to go about putting together your schedule so that you don’t burn yourself out and keep enjoying the sport for years to come!

Did you sign up yet?  Sign up today before the prices go up again at http://www.nytriexpo.com/registration use ATD_NYTE10 for a $10 discount!

Custom Gear for Triathletes with DeathRow Velo

Custom Gear for Triathletes with DeathRow Velo

lg_f6d72_Me_hamptonsJohn Landino launched Deathrow Velo in 2009 to create interesting, custom cycling jerseys. Since then, Deathrow Velo has expanded into fullservice custom apparel design and manufacturing firm to make every club look outstanding. 

“I was first introduced to John’s work when I joined Iron Fit Endurance just about a year ago,” said Hilary Topper, Show Producer of the NY TRI EXPO. “I love this work. He takes pride in everything he does and the tri kits fit like a glove.”

12642965_10154051672617573_2822165974803286692_nOffering the best clothing for triathletes, cyclists, and runners, means using the best materials. Deathrow uses some of the highest quality imported Italian MITI fabrics to guarantee that looking like a team doesn’t get in the way of finishing like a team.

“Our team will be wearing a custom designed bike shirt at the expo and volunteers will be wearing t-shirts designed by Deathrow Velo,” said Topper. “When you come to the expo, be sure to let John know what you think.”

Bring your club to the NY TRI EXPO ‘16 to meet Deathrow Velo and see how their custom gear can help look your best, and most importantly, define your team.  Sign up today at http://www.nytriexpo.com/registration

CompuTrainer Competition Coming to the NY TRI EXPO

CompuTrainer Competition Coming to the NY TRI EXPO

Long Beach, NY (January 27, 2016) — At the NY TRI EXPO ’16, on March 19, at Citi Field, from 10 am – 6 pm, members of triathlon and cycling teams will have the opportunity to compete against each other during a cycling competition, sponsored by CompuTrainer.

mereckx 1 lr

Riding Eddy Merckx Salanches bicycles, donated by Nomad Cycles in Long Island City, one to two team members will cycle along the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon course.

“We are so excited that both CompuTrainer and Nomad Cycles will be participating in the Expo,” said Hilary Topper, Show Producer of the NY TRI EXPO and Chief Curator at HJMT Media Company Inc. “We have an opportunity for up to 20 people to participate. This is going to be exciting!”

Team members will participate in a 20-minute timed trial ride for a chance to obtain naming rights to a course of their choosing, during the NY TRI EXPO’16. The named course will appear on the Racermate website in the coming months. Winners will also receive a copy of the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon course.

In addition to the competition, there will be more than 20 workshops, 60+ exhibit booths, a swag bag, raffle prizes and more. Matt Dixon, former pro-triathlete, elite coach and author of The Well-Built Triathlete is the Queens Chamber of Commerce Keynote Speaker.  He will discuss training, strength and nutrition for triathletes.

Also at the expo, Matt Long, former NYC Firefighter, author and elite athlete will receive the “I Will” Award for his inspiration, courage and passion for the sport.

“Since St. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I thought it would be nice to have a special promotion for the expo,” said Ms. Topper. “Therefore, we have a buy one, get one half off special going on now through February 15.”

Attendees must register at http://www.nytriexpo.com/registration. After registering, interested triathletes and cyclists should visit the official NY Tri Expo CompuTrainer Contest calendar to reserve their slot at https://doodle.com/poll/2zfqs5he9f5qi7d3.

“Only those registered for the Expo will have the opportunity to participate. It will be done on a first come, first served basis,” added Ms. Topper.

NY TRI EXPO Coming to Queens

NY TRI EXPO Coming to Queens

On Saturday, March 19 from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., the NY TRI EXPO ’16 is coming to Citi Field.  The event will be held in the Caesar’s Club.

The NY TRI EXPO ’16 will focus on learning and education for runners, cyclists, swimmers and triathletes. There will be a series of concurrent sessions from 10 – 5 pm ranging from “Should I Be a Triathlete” and “After Ironman, Where Do I Go from Here?” to “Do I Need a Power Meter?” and “How Do I Breathe Under Water.” The swimming seminars will be hosted by the US Master Swimming from Tampa.

There will also be a wearable technology panel with the latest gear from Silicon Valley!

Matt Dixon, a prominent former pro-triathlete, elite coach and author of The Well-Built Triathlete, will be the Queens Chamber of Commerce Keynote Speaker. He’ll be flying in from San Francisco, CA. At 5 p.m., New York City Firefighter, Matt Long, who was in a horrific accident in 2005 when a bus ran over him, will be honored.  Matt also wrote a book, The Long Run, and four years after his accident, he went on and completed Ironman Lake Placid. He will be honored for his courage, dedication and devotion to the sport of Triathlon.

During the event, Endurance Films, the makers of athletic films, will be filming throughout the day and Donna Drake of Live it Up! with Donna Drake will be interviewing sponsors and key people.

If you’re not an athlete, don’t worry, you should still attend.  Why?

Triathletes are generally a group of people with a higher level of disposable income than any other group. They are CEO’s, business owners and C-Level executives. They also love technology and spend a significant amount on the sport.

“Many people don’t look at the big picture,” said Hilary Topper, Show Producer of the NY TRI EXPO ’16 and managing member of HJMT Media Company, which runs four blogs, a radio show and a YouTube channel. “I find that the best time to market to people is when they aren’t thinking about business.  This way, I connect with them on a personal level and we eventually do business.”

When asked why she decided to hold the event in Queens, Topper said, “Queens is not only centrally located between Manhattan and Long Island, but it also has incredible spirit. People who live and work in Queens have amazing pride and I just love the energy!”

In addition to workshops, seminars and the expo, there will be competitions, amazing raffle prizes, swag bags worth more than $100 and free parking!

To register, go to http://www.nytriexpo.com/registration.





Get to Know Our Charity Partner: American Lung Association

Get to Know Our Charity Partner: American Lung Association

Get to know our charity partner: American Lung Association

ala-logo-headThere will be great charities at the NY TRI EXPO ’16 but we will be donating proceeds to the American Lung Association (ALA).


As you probably know the American Lung Association has been around for more than 100 years.

But that’s not the reason.

You probably know that the American Lung Association has several important initiatives to help people with asthma, COPD, lung cancer and other lung diseases through research, education and training. Their mission is to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease.

But that’s not the reason either.

IMG_0408The reason why I want to donate to the American Lung Association is because lung disease is prevalent in my family.

I watched as my mother gasped for air and had to go on oxygen full time, something she fought because of the stigma. She couldn’t fight it any longer. My mother had severe asthma and COPD. She couldn’t breath and ultimately passed away from that.

My maternal grandmother died of asthma and my paternal grandmother, who never smoked a day in her life, died of lung cancer.  Her last wish was to watch the sunset on the beach and eat Red Lobster.  Lastly, my father’s brother died of lung cancer. He did smoke. It was horrible to watch him die as it was to see the others die of lung disease.

Having asthma and my daughter also having asthma, puts a whole different perspective on things.  Every time we exercise, we have to have an inhaler because we feel that there isn’t enough air going in our lungs. There are more than 25 million Americans who suffer too.  That’s one in every 12 people who have asthma and this needs to change.

So the one organization that will hopefully make a change to have clean air, to advocate for lung disease and to research cures, is the American Lung Association and that is why they are the NY TRI EXPO ’16 Charity of Choice. And, on that note, my donation to the American Lung Association is in memory of my incredibly strong willed mother who had been through so much in her life and fought to breathe every day she was alive.

American Lung Association will be at the expo on Saturday, March 19 from 10 – 6 pm.  Register for the NY TRI EXPO ’16 here. 

In addition to coming out to the NY TRI EXPO, please consider joining us at the following events:  

Fight for Air Climb — Climb up to the top of One Penn Plaza in New York City on April 9 at 9 am. (It’s right across the street from the LI Rail Road station.) Climb as a team or individually to fight lung disease!

Lung Force Walk — Come out to the South Street Seaport on May 14 and join in on the Lung Force Walk to help fight lung cancer, asthma and COPD! View the wonderful sights of NYC’s downtown while raising money for an amazing cause.

Thanks for your support!


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